BORN: Bronxville, New York, 1975 as Timothy James Brearton

SCHOOL and GIGS: Bowling Green State University, New York Film Academy. Worked indie films, TV shows in New York and Los Angeles in late 90s and early 00s. Lake Placid Film Forum coordinator 2000-2004, Adirondack Film Society project specialist 2008-2014.  Written for several arts-related publications, published fiction with these short story publications. Novels are Habit, Survivors, DaybreakHighwaterDark WebDark Kills, and Gone – published by Joffe Books

INFLUENCES: Dennis Lehane, Stephen King, Jasper Joffe, David Benioff, Robert Ellis, Cormac McCarthy, Linwood Barclay, Helen Durrant, Robert Crais, Stieg Larsson, Janice Frost, William Lashner, Lisa Unger, LSD

KIN:  Wife, Dava.  Son, Jude.  Daughters, Tatum and Sabine

HERITAGE: The criminals exiled to Australia, the Irish stoics, the Italian quelli appassionato







  1. hey man cool, good for you, make it happen, lets start on our co-piece, “&$#!s”


  2. Not sure how often this is checked but I get emails on bargain books and saw one today that has the same cover as High Water. Different author, title and everything. Thought it was odd. Please email if you want more details. P.s. High Water was very good. Couldn’t put it down!!!


    • Hi Avid Reader! Thanks for your comment. So, you’ve stepped into a parallel dimension and found the cover of High Water on another book! 🙂 I asked the publisher about it and it happens, sometimes when the covers are bought from an outside source, and they’re not exclusive, they may show up again. It’s rare, but it happens. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks so much for reading. I am curious…what was the other book? Did you read it?


  3. Good Morning! The book is called Death is Looking for Elvis (a Dane Cooper Mystery). Nope I didn’t read it. Didn’t seem like my type of book 🙂 I look forward to checking out your other books!


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