Silly short film about an earthquake.


longboarding is the surfing-skating hybrid sport of the future

“longdays” was shot for zero dollars a day out of one summer, navigating traffic in burlington, vermont (2003), and another taking on mill hill in lake placid, new york (2005.) frenetic, in-your-face video it is not, “longdays” captures the elegant essence of this surfing-skating hybrid sport. avid longboarder justin barrows discusses the emerging sport’s place among others like it, comparing the activity to alpine snowboarding and street luge. shot by tjb on one camera, long, uncut tracking shots reveal some of the nature of longboarding. bereft a second stationary camera, some idea of the high speeds was not achievable, but the carving and gliding aspects of the sport are documented well. (review by james paynter)

waterhole music lounge commercial – 5 minute Xtended cut

the full version of a web commercial for the waterhole music lounge in saranac lake, ny. (3 minute and 45 second versions underway.)  featuring such luminaries as robbie rowe, windowpane, and billy allen.  narrated / hosted by brandon devito.  produced by the waterhole and room6 productions. edited by t j brearton. drunken goodtimes mayhem by The People.

eurasian milfoil documentary teaser

this is a work in progress…further edits will begin with establishing the adirondacks, more voice over from further experts, narration, underwater photography (eventually) and possibly animation.  the video will be geared towards addressing the need to fund this project – a documentary on invasive water milfoil – to help raise consciousness and fight the milfoil from choking out the varied life within aquatic systems that are such a crucial part of the adirondack ecosystem.  water milfoil could affect more than aquatic plant an animal life, but all other aspects of nature and life in the adirondack biome.

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