Number One Psychic Suspense Novel

For weeks now, Highwater has enjoyed the number one spot on Amazon in the Psychic Suspense category!

Highwater Bestseller Psychic


Thanks to readers, friends, fans, supporters, and the wonderful folks at Joffe Books for making this possible. I love seeing that little orange tag.

Highwater Bestseller

More books are coming soon – stay tuned for Dark Net, coming in January 2015 … When a tragic death befalls a teenaged boy, State Police investigators turn to cyber crime specialists to find out how the internet was involved … and grief-stricken parents take matters into their own hands…

And also coming soon – the third and final book in the Titan trilogy (also called the Habit trilogy) … in Spring 2015, find out what has become of Brendan Healy, Jennifer Aiken, and Sloane Dewan as sinister but all-too-real forces marshal together to perpetrate the worst crime the country has ever seen.

Thanks again, and happy reading.













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