HABIT 2: SURVIVORS – Will Be Released July 1st, 2014

Police State Habit 2 Survivors

The story continues…

Brendan Healy reprises his role as the detective who can’t be killed. Of course, there are far worse things that can happen to a person than death.

In this second installment of the Habit books, the stakes are higher, the buried bodies are stirring, the forces Brendan is up against more destructive than he first imagined.

After spending two years hiding out, trying to forget the past, Brendan is once again drawn into a twisting conspiracy that surrounds a murder. When one of his oldest friends winds up on the slab, Brendan reluctantly comes out of hiding to investigate. Leads quickly turn into dead ends, cold shoulders, or only open the door to more mystery. And people are disappearing. Other investigators, cops.  No longer a cop himself, Brendan is vulnerable, plunged into a world populated by dynamic characters and up against an evil of the newest order.  In Habit 2: Survivors, the story has opened up, and the terrifying realities of the modern world have poured in.

HABIT 2: SURVIVORS, the second part of the Habit trilogy, will be released July 1st, 2014. Follow T.J. Brearton on twitter and Facebook for updates. Further novels by Brearton are scheduled for release in 2014 by Joffe Books.




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