The Endless Space Between the Words

Habit3Dver2cropI’ve been thinking about a new blog post for days. In the meantime I’ve watched the reviews of my book increase to over a hundred. There are, at the time of this writing, over seventy five-star ratings on Amazon; more still on Goodreads. I’ve watched the book grow, and read the reviews, and seen my author’s rank climb into the top tier of police procedural writers.

Am I a police procedural writer? What does all this feedback mean? How do I assimilate this data and make it work for me? Where do I fall along the spectrum of business-minded writers who take an academic approach to the medium, and “artistic” writers who are, perhaps, more maverick and unpredictable? Is even this analysis academic? Should I even pay attention?

I’m only human. Of course I am curious about the feedback, and prone to guess at what it means, how it may serve to guide. But there’s also a danger in over-thinking it. It’s time to get back to who I am and what I do, and that’s something I can’t, and needn’t, really articulate, save to say that it’s a partnership with the readers, the publisher, but also with something divine.

So, I will step away from here for a bit. There is much to grow. Vegetables, for one (it’s sowing season, after all). More books, for another. Less analyzing, more working. There is that elusive thing, that inspiration to chase, and so much to take in.

By the way, just watched Her, and thought it was a fantastic film. True Detective was an absolutely gorgeous TV show. And going to read Sacred by Dennis Lehane and Wool by Hugh Howey. Been listening to Junip and H.U.V.A. and Trifonic.

Something is happening. That’s all I know. As Samantha says in Her, “It’s in this endless space between the words that I’m trying to find myself right now.”

Stay cool. Keep creating, stay inspired. I’ll be back later to show you what I’ve found. For now, please enjoy this cheesy (and a little bit haunting) sign.






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