Number One in the World

habit  FINAL COVER 2 copy

As of today, 5 p.m. EST time, USA:

My novel, HABIT, is Number One on Amazon


Habit Number One Free in the World



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    • Hi Joe. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes revolvers do, in fact, have safeties. Here is a video demonstration.
      I realize this is a passive safety system, in case the hammer is bumped or dropped. There are also key lock safeties for a variety of revolvers. But I’m sure you know all this. The fact of the matter is, in an earlier draft of the novel, the gun was a more modern semi auto. In revisions, when the detective’s weapon was switched to a .38, all instances of “safety” were removed, save for that one on the first page, which was missed. You’re a sharp reader and clearly know your guns. I hope you can excuse this fault in the book. Thanks so much for reading.


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