New Book Released!

After nearly a decade of writing books and an often painful year of submissions, my crime novel, Habit, is out on Amazon.

The book is published by Joffe Books, an imprint of Not So Noble Publishing, based in London.


Though I received contract offers from three other publishers, I went with Joffe, an all-digital publisher.  As much as I have wanted to see the book in print, this publisher had the best pitch.  While many of us still love holding a book in our hands (myself included), the e-book way continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Plus, when sales reach a certain level, print will follow.

Anyway, enough shop talk.  On to the story.  Habit is what they call a hard-boiled detective story.  Brendan Healy is new to the job, and a troubled soul.  Investigating the murder of a young woman, his demons threaten to break him as he closes in on her killer.  And the deeper he gets into the case, a terrifying government conspiracy is revealed, putting Brendan, and the lives of many innocent people, in grave danger.

The book is only a click away!  Follow this link and get your copy.  The book is exclusive to Amazon, but anyone without a kindle can easily obtain a free kindle app from Amazon in order to read it on any other computer / phone / tablet / device.

sharing a good book with friendsPlease share with friends – whoever you know that likes a good mystery, crime fiction, and doesn’t want to see me or my family out on the street because being a writer for nearly ten years has us eating beans from a can and keeping dust bunnies for pets.  Finally, please write a review if you can.  In this early phase, reviews are critical.  Just a couple words will do it, both for Amazon in the U.S. and in the U.K. (which you can get to by using your same login details), or, if you prefer, on Goodreads.  This will boost sales tremendously and help get me closer to print copies of the book so that I’ll be fully on my way, able to keep writing and bringing you (I hope) good stories to keep you turning the pages.

habit  FINAL COVER copy-original





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