Fame Before Foundation

I have sort of a morbid fascination with actors and performers who, after starting out very young, either died before their time or just seemed to get screwed up one way or the other.

I don’t feel I’m alone in this mild obsession – the internet abounds with information on this gang of lost souls.  I don’t want to just add to the fug of negativity, but our fame-crazed culture seems wrought with potential hazards, particularly for the young.

While it happens to adults, too, young people are susceptible to the pressures of fame, as they don’t really have their “foundation” yet –  emotionally, spiritually, or whatever you want to call it.  (Obviously, drugs and crime are problems for many people who have never set foot in front of a camera, but considering the tiny percentage of people who make up the household-name celebrity demographic, it is evident that a disproportionate number of famous youths succumb to vices.)

I’ve linked a handful of names to various sites below.

120809BrianBonsall01Brian Bonsall (drinking, crime)

Brad Renfro (drug addiction, crime, death)

Macauley Culkin (drugs, severe weight loss, alienation)

Dana Plato (drugs, suicide)

Britney Spears (drugs, loss of children)

Bobby Driscoll (drugs, death)

Tatum O’Neal (drugs, illicit behavior, loss of children)

Heath Ledger (drugs, death)

River Phoenix (drugs, death)

Corey Haim (drug addiction, alienation, death)

Danny Bonaduce (drug addiction)

Lindsay Lohan (drug addiction, lasciviousness)

Edward Furlong (assault, drug addiction, weight gain)

Justine Bateman (anorexia, bulimia, drugs) [in recovery]

Todd Bridges (drugs, crime) [in recovery]

Scotty Beckett (crime, drugs, guns, death)

Jonathan Brandis (depression, suicide)

Michael Jackson (total, unbelievable weirdness, prescription drugs, death)

Robert Blake (alleged murder)

Jodie Sweetin (crystal meth) [in recovery]

Adam Rich (prescription drugs, crime)

Drew Barrymore (drinking, drugs) [in recovery]

Taran Noah Smith (crime, bankruptcy)

Amanda Byne (drinking-related problems)

Miley Cyrus (twerking)




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