strong women, dark tales

A review of 2011 and a peek at the movies of 2012

The year “2012” just feels like it has more gravitas than 2011, doesn’t it? 2012 is a much anticipated year, a big number, culturally powerful, almost bellicose. 2011 shrinks in comparison, a sort of middling calendar year without much oompf. That isn’t to say nothing happened in 2011 – we left Iraq, many prominent figures passed away, from Geraldine Ferraro to Steve Jobs, Kim Jong Il, and Jon Bon Jovi (woops, scratch that last one), Greece and Egypt turned a corner, and wacky-weather abounded, with snow in Texas and Mississippi this past fall while temps were balmy in the Northeast. In the movies, things were a bit topsy-turvy as well, the path carving closer towards small pseudo-sci-fi films, and big studio dark sagas.



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