high water

A timely book, when you consider the Spring floods and the devastation wrought recently by Irene in the Adirondacks, where the story takes place…

A Review from a reader:


Last night I finished ‘Highwater’;  Wow! The last few chapters were so gripping that I couldn’t put it down, and at the end I wished it wasn’t over: a novel has not done that to me in quite awhile.  The final conversation between Tom and the grown Caleb was poignant, unexpected and fascinating.

The creature Mobius was a unique and memorable villain/monster.  The scenes you wrote from its perspective were my favorite parts; the idea of Mobius and the Highwater power released from the deep was also clever and topical.  Like many great Sci-Fi monsters Mobius was unleashed by man’s meddling; your creation taps into a universal unease and need for caution when mankind uses technology to change and take from the natural world.  I only heard of hydrofracking shortly before beginning ‘Highwater’ – great job getting ahead of the headlines!

I was engaged personally by the fact that many events in the story took place in regions and towns like Burlington that I know well.  I have been on that ferry in such rough water and it is a harrowing experience and a great setting for the beginning of the climax of a story.

-Adam Gardam


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