new book

this book is currently being considered for wider publication.  it will be available through lulu press for a limited time.


A young criminal is on the loose, picking off people in the dark and cold.  A series of bizarre events have begun the night after a wedding goes sour.  The weather has changed from a mild late-autumn to a sudden and furious winter almost overnight.  A black and gnarled oak tree sways in a gelid wind as two Morgan horses kick up a ruckus in the old barn.  Something has arrived, something in the woods, something that burns with an ancient grudge.  And Sheriff’s Deputy Aletha Pruitt may be the only one who can stop it.

buy a limited edition copy of until these voices quiet from lulu press



  1. woah….this is awesome and I can already ‘see’ it so clearly…I want to read this book…!!!! I love the book cover!!! SOO much to ‘see’ and explore in this picture….who would have time to then open the pages???!!!


  2. just cracked open the new book yesterday after work….read ALMOST half way thru by 9:30 last night…can’t put it down…LOVE LOVE LOVE the characters…EACH one stands out SPECIAL ..each one has such a part in the story….it is fascinating…not knowing what is around each new ‘corner’ of the book…right up my alley for mystery, scare tactics and adventure…to say nothing of the Native American history and Native American language that is dotted throughout…the presence of the Adirondacks is SOOO vivid…it is sooo amazing…I have not read any book of this sort in years…This is the FIRST novel of this type I have picked up in over 15 years….seriously…..I want more…..


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