new book

this book is currently being considered for wider publication.  it will be available through lulu press for a limited time.


A young criminal is on the loose, picking off people in the dark and cold.  A series of bizarre events have begun the night after a wedding goes sour.  The weather has changed from a mild late-autumn to a sudden and furious winter almost overnight.  A black and gnarled oak tree sways in a gelid wind as two Morgan horses kick up a ruckus in the old barn.  Something has arrived, something in the woods, something that burns with an ancient grudge.  And Sheriff’s Deputy Aletha Pruitt may be the only one who can stop it.

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“recreator” feature film trailer – premiere august 20th

duplicates.  doubles.  recreations.  call them what you will, they are exact copies of craig, derek and tracy, three friends on a camping trip who accidentally trigger a deadly experiment left by the recreator—a mysterious scientist with a gift for cloning.

trapped by their captors, the teenagers are no match for their physically stronger, faster,  better selves.   their only hope is to outwit them and to escape with their lives before they are replaced.

premiering friday, august 20th at the palace theatre in lake placid, 930pm.  contact t j brearton for more information.

recreator is written and directed by gregory orr.

the screening is sponsored by tupper lake studios and the adirondack film society.