brooklyn woman devours “rehabilitation”

she slumps back on the couch, exhausted, satisfied, beads of perspiration on her forehead.  she sets the book down, and she turns to the computer and writes to me on Facebook:

“Ok, so I devoured your book, and it was delicious.  Tim, I am in AWE!  What a great story – nothing predictable, lots of things to make you think, and the writing is beautiful–so descriptive and accurate and relate-able and dark and angry and powerful and logical and unique.  I loved loved loved it and I loved the character.  I read a LOT–like more than 50 novels last year, and I read anything I can get my hands on–literally, anything that people give me or that is lying around or is free in the lobby of my apartment building.  And I am picky–about story lines and writing ability and grammar–I probably liked 5 of those 50+ books.  Most books are lacking in something.  Not yours.  Not blowing smoke up your ass, either. You have talent that is inspiring.”

— lindsay palmirotto dunn, wife, mother, brooklynite.