Rehabilitation, a Novel

rehabbjeffcover “This book seriously crawls inside and messes with you… A twisted thrill-ride of a story.” – Fourth Coast Entertainment Magazine
“A fascinating foray into a mysterious world that offers ruminations on drug addiction and alcoholism at times reminiscent of the pulp fiction of Jim Thompson, and the surrealist bent of William S. Burroughs.” – Dave Bower, The Free George
A cerebral story, a trip down the rabbit hole.” – Geoffrey Pierce, author Flight of the Tocoro  
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Filled with wild animals, double-agents, and power-drunk biochemists, Rehabilitation is “a futuristic detective novel” that reveals the desperate measures of those who seek to gain control of the people, and the difference one person can make… especially after they’ve been bio-engineered to control their adrenal glands and are no longer allowed to drink whiskey… .

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