short book review from brian mcvey, aka “prolific” / “the aztext” (burlington hip-hopper and novel-reader)

partial review of the novel “rehabilitation”:
“this is not me blowin’ smoke…” by brian mcvey- producer, performer, member of “the aztext”:


let me start by saying, to put this into writing will not do it justice.

i absolutely am LOVING your book. honestly bro, the first 80ish pages, where Jack is walking the streets of Burlington and in his head a lot… i couldn’t put the book down. to hear his take on local establishments (city market, UVM, etc) was unreal. i am going to re-read and highlight my fave lines… but one that stuck out like crazy was when he was commenting on having to re-learn how to socialize without booze. i wish i could remember the exact line, but, yowzahs!

the descriptions, flashbacks and just overall use of language have me in complete disbelief that I KNOW YOU.

more review to come when i’m finished.. but honestly, i can’t stop talking about it. you should be SO FLIPPIN’ PROUD OF YOURSELF.

it says it’s your second novel… what was the first? when will there be a third?


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