aaron hobson

in some ways, photog aaron hobson’s foray into video reminds me of those ridiculously cool late 90s music videos from mark romanek and chris cunningham.  it’s not so much storytelling as it is exposition and performance.

in other ways, i see hobson’s psyche easily bleeding through.  it’s neither paean to his past lifestyle, or simple cobbling together of demons, but a kind of easy tapestry that works in conjunction with the most appealing of recent styles – the slick, the sleekly profane, and the unadorned.  and welding these things together is hobson’s energy.

i worked with him on one of his camera tests, the one he calls “schizo,” a loose idea he juggled in his head as we jaunted from one location to another on a recent sleeting morning. a cigarette dangling from his lips, and still smelling like the night before, aaron cut his teeth on his new camera with characteristic aplomb, giving himself to the ideas, chucking what didn’t hit in the moment, running with what did.

a big part of aaron’s magic, to me, lies with what he does in post.  this part of his process i am not privy to, and have only a cursory knowledge of.  there’s a lot of data crunching going on  – this i know.  but what i find with his finished products is a simple truth, and one, i would wager, that is about as important an element as there is – aaron knows exactly what he wants as he builds to each work’s end, and achieves it with the kind of natural impulse only given to true artists.

…as one friend put it, “creepy and sexy and cool.”



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