“rehabilitation” – holiday special (and all that jazz…)

fast, cheap, and out of control.  you can now buy rehabilitation directly from this site, from me, from my five year-old, (who i make do all the deliveries.)  it’s cheaper, comes with a free gift (now through Christmas), and may just save your life.

free gift choices include:

  • compilation CD of burlington music from the grand design music company
  • short film dvd “pig movie”
  • novelette, entitled “bill prime”
  • leg of lamb* (a thanksgiving alternative)

rehabilitation is sure to endow you with supernatural powers.  click here for a testimonial.  also makes a great holiday gift!  no assembly required.

click to flip to the rehabilitation page and see more, or just click image below and buy now – cheap!

reflecty by you.

*leg of lamb not guaranteed fresh or actual.


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