seattle woman pleased with the tjb book, “chimera” (and now desperately needing to catch up on sleep.)

from karen reilly

seattle, washington:

i enjoyed the book very much. i only put it down when i absolutely HAD to sleep, but then I would pick it up again and finally stop when i did that annoying sleepy-reading thing where i would read the same line about 8 times, realize that i couldn’t remember what it was i just read, and then finally put it down to sleep.

i was excited to get to bed so i could continue where i left off (i could only get REAL reading done when the kids were in bed and what better place to cozy in for a night of reading than all frumped out in sweats, ready for bed?). anyway, aside from minor typos (which i wasn’t going to mention because i’m sure you’re aware. i’m just stupidly anal about that stuff. dry your tears, one can always edit.) i thought it was well written. i didn’t feel lost, i didn’t have moments of “what the HELL is going on here?”, and i like how when arriving to the climax of the story, the scenes jumped back and forth and it was moving faster and faster (or maybe that’s my reading) and everything arrived at its destination on time.

it was like a movie, watching the “meanwhile…” with the other characters and everything comes together. i’m pretty sure i understood everything, but i don’t want my pride to get in the way. growing up i was always the one who understood what other people didn’t get in books and movies, and for the most part it was true, but my pride sometimes would take over and i would say i got it anyway. was i supposed to know exactly what it was that hatched out of the egg? did i miss it, am i being dim-witted, not in the know (God forbid!)

the group of bad guys in worship of this egg, i’m interested in that whole story (but leaving it as it was, i think, was well done). i am personally a fan of things left a bit to the imagination, and once i get over that desire to have everything spoonfed to me, i revel in the things left unsaid, left just around the corner, just over the edge, things implied (or were they?), sometimes ambiguity is harder to pull off artfully and purposefully than it is to spell everything out. having said all that, i liked it very much. and to clarify, the book was not ambiguous, the ending left me with just enough tension.


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