addict THIS

as an addict, and a moron, any pleasant experience i have i try like hell to replicate. this isn’t just addict behavior, of course, but human nature. the thing the addict brings to the table is that he will try and replicate a good day he had, and in the process entirely fuck up the day at hand.

my son is an addict. he has a problem with lollipops. if he gets a good lollipop, and has a pleasant lolly-sucking experience, he soon wants and needs to repeat it. those billions of cells want to gobble those lolly-juice peptides right up. likewise, if he has an UNpleasant lolly experience – say, a brown lolly when the wrapper portended orange, or, getting to the center and chewing too soon or too fast — crack, crunch crunch, oh goddammit, no more lolly – then he wants to go back to the lollipop man and get another so he can soothe the unsatisfied, jonesing, kill-ready lust within him.

he’s four.


  1. I dont even know what to say….maybe that I like my lovers brother too??? LOL…just kidding!!…Peace (o:


  2. The sugar addiction gets worse as they get older…they wander around forraging thru cupboards….looking for some unknown object…something sweet…their little bodies are screaming for it, but they dont know….if necessaruy, they hide in basements or attics or in the woods, gobbling down their sticky fixes…and spend the rest of the day once they have come down acting like 12 year old emotional girls…..and then it all starts over again…until they discover Nori’s…and the snack bill for one week ends up being like $450.00…..


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