bill cave & t j brearton’s “turned my america” music video world premiere

brothel-workers1 by you.

bill cave, the singer-songriter from tennessee, has moved from the admiration of small-town america with his song “saranac lake” to tackling the state of our beloved country, as the pre-election era wanes and we all sit in wonder, yet again, at whether or not the “lesser of two evils” is such a great adage anymore.

to say that bill “moved” onto this new project, going from small-town good times to a national panoramic, is to say that bill widened his focus – the appreciation for his countrymen and love of his country are there in that same folksy two-steppin’ way with “brothel” as they are with “saranac.”

only in “brothel”, there are helicopters and war heroes.

please enjoy the bill cave and t j brearton music video, “turned my america”…


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