bill cave “saranac lake” music video world premiere

this is the first song inspired by, written about, and entitled “saranac lake” that i know of.  singer-songwriter bill cave (,) is a country folk rocker from tennessee.  bill, who travels all over the country, found himself in saranac lake, ny, was thus inspired, wrote a song, bought a camera, and started shooting what struck him – an outsider’s point of view – while performing the work-in-progress tune at grizzle t’s, boardwalks and back alleys at the behest of instant fans. (bill was requested to play the song five times at grizzle t’s.)  with the camera, bill filmed an oncoming storm while dining at ‘morgan’s eleven,’ the mountains, the lakes, rivers, and, of course, the waterhole.  With bill’s footage of the “little city”, and a dash of my own archives, we’ve put together this fun lovin’ romp, filled with some of the zany characters, cameos, and beautiful scenery that only SL can serve up.  the folky paean to this destination village in the adirondacks is inspired, heartfelt, autobiographical, universal, hilarious, and, of course, simply bill.  we hope you enjoy this video, “saranac lake”.

bill cave

the bill cave video “saranac lake” is undergoing the anticipated re-cut.  bill and i are ridiculously excited about premiering it on youtube, the week of, june 7th.  it’s the perfect summer music video; funloving, downhome, thumbing it’s nose at the “nippleheads.”  meanwhile, bill is working on numerous other songs and accumulating more video footage while traveling the northeast, hitting seattle, portland, salem.  look for the video this coming week, which will include new footage, a quicker, dynamic intro, and the folky small town song that is already getting play all over north america.

(please note: the video below has been taken down while the recut is constructed.)

bill cave “saranac lake” music video


here’s the rough cut!  (with two minute “storm brewing” intro before video.)  click on either of these:

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