three music videos

bill cave, singer/songwriter & folk/country musician wrote a song about saranac lake, new york.  bill shot a lot of great footage while in the region, and has entrusted me with tossing it all together into the blender to see what gooey fun can come of it.

meanwhile, rocketeering photographer aaron hobson and i are working on his first foray into the moving image – i can’t disclose the details at the moment or aaron will chop me up and stick me in one of his cinemascapes – i call it “project double A.”

finally, while attending/working the “american response to climate change” conference at the wild center in tupper lake this past week, i was fortunate enough to stumble upon, one evening at big wolf, a bluegrassy/country ensemble recently put together calling themselves “julie & the stacked deck.”

it’s not such a bad life.

noble, environmental power, part II

this is a full-bodied video, a chance to take the journey through churubusco and chateaugay and really discover the wind turbines that loom, appearing out of the pastoral scenes as something both futuristic and prehistoric.  this video has lots of images of the turbines, shot over a day, with a gorgeous, gunmetal sky filled with cloud garrets and sparkling sun – and a rainbow.  it is, again, the full-version, a “day trip” video, so take the trip when you have the time and frame of mind.  (a shorter version to sandwich between the hostess cupcake snackbreak and checking-of-facebook-to-see-if-someone-tagged-you-in-a-photo may be available soon.  ; )

jonathan demme – “new home movies from the lower 9th ward”

New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward

showing at the palace theatre, tomorrow (friday) nite at 8:30 p.m. 

A true labor of love, Demme’s new documentary consists of a series of poignant, inspirational “portraits” of New Orleans residents as they struggle to reclaim their homes and neighborhoods in the devastated Lower 9th Ward. “I felt drawn as an American filmmaker, to contribute somehow to the audio-visual record of what these people were going through in their heroic efforts to jump start their lives in the face of this epic, tragic event,” Demme explains.

for more information on demme’s films, the lake placid film forum, tickets and times: