actor james tolkan is a tough guy (but he has little fluffy dogs at home) part II

(above: tolkan at work on sidney lumet’s epic “prince of the city”)

“it surprised me,” jim said to me on the drive back from jay, new york, with both his indomitable tenor and humble warmth, “i thought i was going to be talking about character acting, then i find out i’m supposed to get honored.”  we wound through the notch between wilmington and lake placid and jim told me about his boyhood, and how he got into acting.  (jim studied with lee strasberg and stella adler.)

jim and i had just been out to eric granger’s place, owner of placid productions, where we three had a meet, looked over my edited reel of jim’s films, and also briefly encountered with kathleen carroll and photographer nathan farb. 

this friday, june 6th at 7p.m. (..i think?!) at the lake placid center for the arts, the film clips will be screened and kathleen will be discussing aspects of his career and experiences with jim, interpolating the clips; at the end of the series of clips questions will be open to all in attendance.

jim likes the quiet life now, he told me.  “my house, my dogs,” he said.  he is also very interested in collecting art, discovering artists and helping to cultivate that scene where he can.  his wife, parmalee, a lake placid film forum board member, is an artist.  “she paints film costumes,” jim told me.  i wondered if jim had seen any of my paintings on my site.  “i don’t have a computer,” jim said, smiling, piloting the pick-up truck through the curves, “i don’t have the patience.” 

“eat lead, slackers!!!”

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