Jude the Obscure

DSCN0103 by you.

a REAL conversation:

jude says to me, “you are very beautiful”

me: “you are very handsome.”

jude: “you are going to get disappeared. (long pause) so you won’t be beautiful anymore.”

me: “why am i going to disappear?”

jude: “you are going to the jungle. you will get eaten by animals.”

Copy of DSCN0107 by you.


“wow – he’s getting very tired to go to sleep”

“let’s take for a walk”

“i’m Barry Fursty”

“i’m scary of that guy”

jude, jalapeno style

words to live by (judespeak):

pluny: that which is favorable

weekie: that which is unfavorable

tricky: a rumpled blanket, an inside-out shirt, a pebble in a shoe can be described as “tricky”

saucy: pulpy, as in orange juice

i swiped the title for this page from a book, yes; it’s romy’s fault. here is the link to jude’s nursery school graduation. the video is ten minutes long, so you might want to cancel an appointment or two. for diehard jude fans:



“how we gonna do?”

“i can’t get in, so it’s hot.”

“i ate it all up in the whole world”

“cozy water”

“i havta go poop n peepees”

“i love you so much in the whole world”

“gimme a big hug”

“we got all everything”

“god, you’re so cute”

“how can we think, daddy?”

“be careful; i have a penis.”

more jude videos on youtube:

tattooed soldier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJCADfU59wM

magic guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk0eaBYMf1M

the alligator & the frog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1PFXH7SwYY

jude, verbatim



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