jazz musician takes pictures of world inside book

woah.  never had anyone take pictures of the world inside my book, chimera, or any other book for that matter.   didn’t know there were those kinds of photographers out there.  sure, you have cats like aaron hobson – he finds another world and shoots it, totally – but to take pictures of the insides of a novel?  never heard of it.  i mean, even just photographing the pages and the typeface would be cool – books are so neglected today; they could use a good photog like aaron to enliven the industry, but leave it to joe hardy to somehow get in with his camera and take pictures of the world itself.  you can usually find joe playing jazz, his fingers fiddling the key board, or pig farming, or whatever else it is he does with those six women in rural vermont.  (is there any other vermont?)

jacksonchimera  chimerasoceanchimera_concept1finafinal


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