actor james tolkan is a tough guy (but he has little fluffy dogs at home) part II

(above: tolkan at work on sidney lumet’s epic “prince of the city”)

“it surprised me,” jim said to me on the drive back from jay, new york, with both his indomitable tenor and humble warmth, “i thought i was going to be talking about character acting, then i find out i’m supposed to get honored.”  we wound through the notch between wilmington and lake placid and jim told me about his boyhood, and how he got into acting.  (jim studied with lee strasberg and stella adler.)

jim and i had just been out to eric granger’s place, owner of placid productions, where we three had a meet, looked over my edited reel of jim’s films, and also briefly encountered with kathleen carroll and photographer nathan farb. 

this friday, june 6th at 7p.m. (..i think?!) at the lake placid center for the arts, the film clips will be screened and kathleen will be discussing aspects of his career and experiences with jim, interpolating the clips; at the end of the series of clips questions will be open to all in attendance.

jim likes the quiet life now, he told me.  “my house, my dogs,” he said.  he is also very interested in collecting art, discovering artists and helping to cultivate that scene where he can.  his wife, parmalee, a lake placid film forum board member, is an artist.  “she paints film costumes,” jim told me.  i wondered if jim had seen any of my paintings on my site.  “i don’t have a computer,” jim said, smiling, piloting the pick-up truck through the curves, “i don’t have the patience.” 

“eat lead, slackers!!!”

Jude the Obscure

DSCN0103 by you.

a REAL conversation:

jude says to me, “you are very beautiful”

me: “you are very handsome.”

jude: “you are going to get disappeared. (long pause) so you won’t be beautiful anymore.”

me: “why am i going to disappear?”

jude: “you are going to the jungle. you will get eaten by animals.”

Copy of DSCN0107 by you.


“wow – he’s getting very tired to go to sleep”

“let’s take for a walk”

“i’m Barry Fursty”

“i’m scary of that guy”

jude, jalapeno style

words to live by (judespeak):

pluny: that which is favorable

weekie: that which is unfavorable

tricky: a rumpled blanket, an inside-out shirt, a pebble in a shoe can be described as “tricky”

saucy: pulpy, as in orange juice

i swiped the title for this page from a book, yes; it’s romy’s fault. here is the link to jude’s nursery school graduation. the video is ten minutes long, so you might want to cancel an appointment or two. for diehard jude fans:


“how we gonna do?”

“i can’t get in, so it’s hot.”

“i ate it all up in the whole world”

“cozy water”

“i havta go poop n peepees”

“i love you so much in the whole world”

“gimme a big hug”

“we got all everything”

“god, you’re so cute”

“how can we think, daddy?”

“be careful; i have a penis.”

more jude videos on youtube:

tattooed soldier:

magic guitar:

the alligator & the frog:

jude, verbatim



actor james tolkan is a tough guy (but he has little fluffy dogs at home)

for the past couple of months i have been working with lake placid film forum’s artistic director kathleen carroll and the imperious actor james tolkan in preparing a reel of some of jim’s memorable moments in film.  on friday, june 6th, the clips will be screened at the lake placid center for the arts in upstate, ny.  jim will be present to answer questions and share some of his fascinating stories about the film experiences; how he came to the role (or, it to him), tales of “interesting” directors and volatile actors – a candid discussion as only tolkan can deliver with his engaging, hilarious, characteristic brand of no-B.S. charm.


noble; the majestic wind turbines

this past saturday – noble ribbon cutting ceremony, put together by noble and placid productions – this footage is raw, grooved-up with some chuck webster;  not the greatest vid quality, but even high def couldn’t supplant the actual experience of being there around these huge, space-age windmills.   close enough for now.

jazz musician takes pictures of world inside book

woah.  never had anyone take pictures of the world inside my book, chimera, or any other book for that matter.   didn’t know there were those kinds of photographers out there.  sure, you have cats like aaron hobson – he finds another world and shoots it, totally – but to take pictures of the insides of a novel?  never heard of it.  i mean, even just photographing the pages and the typeface would be cool – books are so neglected today; they could use a good photog like aaron to enliven the industry, but leave it to joe hardy to somehow get in with his camera and take pictures of the world itself.  you can usually find joe playing jazz, his fingers fiddling the key board, or pig farming, or whatever else it is he does with those six women in rural vermont.  (is there any other vermont?)

jacksonchimera  chimerasoceanchimera_concept1finafinal